Science Hub Afterschool Programme


Our afterschool programme runs from September to June and brings Primary and Junior Cert Science together into an extremely active and engaging curriculum. Children explore all of the three main science subjects during weekly workshops. The children also get the chance to present a project at the BT Primary Science Fair and visit several local STEM industries.

Our Afterschool Programme gives children a broad introduction to what STEM is all about. It’s aim is to give children a positive experience of Science before they enter second level and to allow them to make more informed decisions when it comes to choosing Science subjects as a result.

This year-long afterschool programme is aimed at children in 4th – 6th class from the Northside of the City. Over the course of the year the children learn about the three main Sciences which they will study in secondary school (Chemistry, Physics and Biology) as well as basic computer programming and how to work like a “real” scientist by using the Scientific Method to carry out research projects.

The club participate in the BT Primary Science Fair each year and they also go on various excursions to STEM industries, such as Vistakon, around Limerick.The afterschool programme is an excellent opportunity for children to engage with Science and see how exciting and relevant to their lives it can be!

Key facts

Our footfall for this strand of the project was 374 for 2016.
Science Hub Afterschool Programme
St Patricks Day Parade 2013.
Science Hub Afterschool Programme
Vistakon Trip 2016.
Science Hub Afterschool Programme
pH Testing.
Science Hub Afterschool Programme
Primary Science Fair Group 2014.


"I’ve been coming to the afterschool Science Club for 2 years now and I’ve really learned a lot. It’s also made we way more interested in Science!" Sarah, age 13