Munster Rugby With Thomond Community TYs discussing Health and Wellbeing at the Hub

Health and Wellbeing Day with Munster Rugby

15 September 2018

Congrats to our UL Coop Students for organising yet another great health and wellbeing workshop here at the Learning Hub. We were delighted to welcome 4 Munster Academy players and Strength and Conditioning coach Owen Tarrant to advise our visiting TY group from Thomond Community College on Health and Wellbeing strategies last week. We had a really inspiring morning looking at how best to be your own health and wellbeing coach! Groups worked together to come up with real life health plans for four different patients/clients. The Academy players were great advisors and generously went around the groups to offer some tips and advise on how best to plan for a healthy week when under pressure or busy.  The groups then presented their final analysis for each case study to the Munster visitors and we awarded some prizes for the groups that provided the most holistic response to various health and lifestyle issues facing their "case study". The groups devised plans for 4 different case studies addressing health issues such as childhood obesity,  heart disease & diabetes and mental health issues such as loneliness, grief, stress and change management. Thanks to Munster Academy players Fineen Wycherly, Gavin Coombes and Jack Stafford and their coach Owen Tarrant for coming along and sharing their weekly routines and approach to staying on top of their own health and wellbeing while preparing for big matches and training sessions with Munster.  It was really fun morning and we had some really great and uplifting chats about how best to take care of ourselves. 

Jack Stafford and TYs Thomond Community College at Learning Hub Limerick
Owen Tarrant Strength and Conditioning Coach Munster Academy at Learning Hub Limerick Health Day with Thomond Community College TYs
Shane Coombes with TYs from Thomond Community College at Learning Hub Limerick Health Day
Fineen Wycherly with TYs from Thomond Community College at Learning Hub Limericks' Health & Wellbeing Workshop