Learning Hub at Ormston House at Future Planners workshop

Future Planners! Learning Hub at The Limerick Spring

14 September 2018

The Learning Hub piloted a workshop called Future Planners Designing the city of the future at The LImerick Spring Festival of Politics and Ideas. Over 20 children from 6-12 years worked in groups to think about what Limerick migh tlook like in the future. The event took place in Ormston House and the group were facilitated by volunteers with backgrounds in the arts, education, product design and urban planning but they didn't required much guidance! The children were SUPER enthusiastic and came up with some pretty amazing practical and magical ideas about how Limerick might work better for them in the future. Some of the key findings of the workshop that PLAY is the no 1 priority for these Limerick citizens followed by HEALTH.

They wanted places to enjoy life, get around easily and hang out and make things, eat nice food and generally have FUN. They also considered how to make Limerick easier to get around. This involved lots of cycle lanes ( which could also be used by hoverboards, skateboards and rollerblades if wide enough!) and one team even recommended a huge rollercoaster to get us over the river quickly and for fun.  Teams also recognised the need for services and almost all group considered  and woods near hospitals ( for fresh oxygen supply!)  and nice areas for people to hang out with their pets and each other as very important. Below is a transcript of some quotes given in feedback. 

"We want lots of shops and parks, hospital, banks,  a mosque and cycle lanes everywhere.. cycling lanes mostly. Theatre, airport, museum, a Lego shop and a school with lifestyles sports and a train station." 

"We have loads of houses and hotel. Some people live in houses and some in apartments, kids hospital near the adult hospitals. Animal friendly parks, dogs and cats welcome.. but no lions."

"Lego shop where you make something you then pay for it if you want to take it home.."

"Right in the middle is a big park and playground. We cycle and walk around. Huge rollercoaster and a subway under and over the river. Helicopter station and 2 swimming pools. Lots of exercise places and a huge power station solar and water generating power station.."

"King Johns castle has a soccer pitch beside it and a school. School doesn’t give any homework and no uniforms. People live in houses around the park and big playground. We put a big superstore for sports and toys over here". 

"We have a big hospital near the centre.We don’t traffic jams in our pretty city. We want no cars but mores horses and bikes being used in the city centre. The play area could be near the river and lots of nature. Train can go over the river with a stop in the middle of the river."

"A fun bridge – not going anywhere but just a fun bridge to play on. A bit squiggly bridge like spaghetti going out in the middle of the river to run about on and then come back to land."

"Houses are all different shapes and sizes and we could have some boat houses on the river."

We all agreed this sounds like a FUN CITY!